Stay Positive is the eighth and title track from the fourth The Hold Steady album Stay Positive, coming after Both Crosses and before Magazines.


I got a lot of old friends
That are getting back in touch,
It's a pretty good feeling,
Yeah it feels pretty good.

I get a lot of double takes
When I'm coming around the corners.
It's mostly pretty nice.
Yeah it's mostly pretty alright.

Because most kids give me credit
For being down with it,
When it was back in the day,
Back when things were way different.

When the Youth of Today
And the early 7 Seconds,
Taught me some of life's most valuable lessons.

There's gonna come a time,
When the scene will seem less sunny,
It will probably get druggy,
And the kids will seem too skinny.

There's gonna come a time,
When she's gonna have to go,
With whoever's gonna get her the highest

There's gonna come a time,
When the true scene leaders,
Will forget where they differ,
And get the big picture.

Because the kids at the shows,
They'll have kids of their own,
And the sing along songs will be our scriptures.

We gotta stay positive.

Note: The following lyrics appear on the track, but not in the official sleeve notes:

When the chaperone crowned us the king and the queen,
I knew that we’d arrived at a Unified Scene.
And all those little lambs from my dreams,
Well, they were there, too.

'Cause it’s one thing to start it with a Positive Jam,
and it’s another thing to see it on through.
And we couldn’t’ve even done this, if it wasn’t for you.

We gotta stay positive. We gotta stay positive.
We gotta stay positive. We gotta stay positive.