This is a list of all songs by The Hold Steady that mention kissing, sorted by album. Almost Killed Me 2. The Swish

I came right over the counter just to kiss you

3. Barfruit Blues She licked her lower lip and then she kissed that halleluiah chick.

Separation Sunday 1. Hornets! Hornets! I have to concentrate when we kiss.

9. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night I wasn't even at that party. I'd already moved out to new york city. when judas went up and kissed him.

Boys And Girls in America

1. Stuck Between Stations She was a really cool kisser and she wasn't all that strict of a christian. these twin city kisses sound like clicks and hisses.

4. Same Kooks There were clicks and hisses and complicated kisses. Same kooks can't come but they sure do kiss.

5. First Night When they kiss they spit white noise.

6. Party Pit She got pinned down at the party pit. I'm pretty sure we kissed.

8. Massive Nights We kissed in your car and we drank from your purse.

9. Citrus I've had kisses that make Judas seem sincere.

10. Chillout Tent They started kissing when the nurses took off their IVs.

Arms & Hearts (bonus track) We were kissing in the center while the band played "Ice Cream Castles"

Stay Positive

4. Navy Sheets

Clever kids kissing on a bleak retreat.

7. Both Crosses Let's clutch and kiss and sing and shake tonight let's try to levitate.

9. Magazines I know you're pretty pissed I hope you'll still let me kiss you.

10. Joke About Jamaica

With their hands on her hips. They used kiss in the car.

Heaven Is Whenever

2. Soft In The Center Kid, you can't kiss every girl. You gotta trust me on this one.

7. Hurricane J I know a place that we drink and kiss for awhile.

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