Mary is a a character who appears in Barfruit Blues and 212-Margarita. Her attitude is described as spicy1 & 10, and she seems to be contrastingly both confident2 and nervous3. As her phone number is "612-Bloody-Mary", she likely lives in Minneapolis.10 In appearance she looks like a dancer, but is not good at dancing4. She has a passion for margaritas5, and possibly takes cocaine[[Mary#Basis|5]. She has a preexisting relationship with a member of the bar band6, although she is bisexual or at least bi-curious7.

After performing oral sex on a man, she allows him to ejaculate onto her8.



  1. "came off kind of spicy" - Barfruit Blues
  2. "confident smile" - Barfruit Blues
  3. "nervous cough" - Barfruit Blues
  4. "we thought she was a dancer but her steps they made the records skip" - Barfruit Blues
  5. "sniffing margarita mix" - Barfruit Blues
  6. "it's good to see you back in a bar band, baby" - Barfruit Blues
  7. "she kissed that Halleluiah chick" - Barfruit Blues
  8. "she went down like a chicken strip. dripping wet with the special sauce." - Barfruit Blues
  9. "now I'm calling 612-Bloody-Mary. 'cause she's nice and she's spicy and she's my only sure shot at recovery." - 212-Margarita