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Hot Fries is the twelthth track from the extended Australian version of Almost Killed Me, it is the second of five bonus tracks on this edition and is 3:37. Prior to being released on the Australian version of Almost Killed Me, it was available for downloading from the band's MySpace.


All your favorite movies, they ain't all that funny if you ain't that high, and I ain't that high.

All your favorite books, they wouldn't seem so well written if you were just a little bit more well read. Jack Kerouac is dead, and he drank himself to death, and I just, I just ain't that high.

All your favorite songs wouldn't seem so sad if you weren't so depressed. Elliott Smith seems like a mess to me,
and you cry way too easily.

The things that make you high will make you die.

I went to your party, And your party got so clever. I put a milkcrate on my head and surrendered in the corner. Some borderline whore asked me how I'm liking California; I just cried. I saw you making eyes at some quote/unquote gorgeous guy. Look a little closer, because he's covered in flies. You know you're hot, but you're fried; you're cool, but you're iced out. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

The things that make you high will make you die. The crack has got you slipping through the cushions of your couch. Dilaudid's got your head like a howling haunted house.

She said, "It's my party, and I'll die if I want to. You would, too, if it happened to you."


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