Getting "high" on drugs.

Since drugs are a major theme in The Hold Steady's music (see Category: Drug References), this word figures into many of their songs, often in certain forms.

High as HellEdit

Usually coupled with Born again.

from Banging Camp, Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night, and Multitude Of Casualties

Whoever's Gonna Get Her the HighestEdit

The "her" in this line in generally understood to be Holly.

from Hornets! Hornets! and Stay Positive


The phrasing of these uses is not repeated on any other songs.

from Certain Songs, Charlemagne in Sweatpants, Chillout Tent, Chips Ahoy!, First Night, Hot Fries, Hot Soft Light, Massive Nights, Sketchy Metal, Sweet Payne, Two-Handed Handshake, You Can Make Him Like You, and Your Little Hoodrat Friend

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