Like Freddy, Hard Corey only appears in one The Hold Steady song. Corey lives in Lynn, Massachusetts1. He wears a necktie tight around his neck2 and a flapped "Panama Jack" painters cap3.

He was named Hard Corey because his given name is Corey and he's into hardcore music4. He does hallucinogenic drugs5 to the point when he is utterly incapacitated6, wakes up in unfamiliar places7 and gets taken advantage of by others8.

Hard Corey doesn't consider himself intelligent9 but girls are guiltily attracted to his dangerous side10 11.



  1. "i looked deep in his eyes i saw lynn, massachussetts"
  2. "a knockoff necktie. the way he wore it made it look more like a tourniquet"
  3. "he had a painters cap. it said panama jack. it had the flaps on the back that kept the sun off his neck"
  4. "he said: hey my name is corey. i'm really into hardcore. people call me hard corey"
  5. "reaching out to try to touch the special effects"
  6. "he had no shoes and no pants"
  7. "he woke up deep in hostile massachussetts"
  8. "they dressed him in a shirt with a collar and called him porky pig"
  9. "don't you hate these clever people and all these clever people parties"
  10. "he was gushing blood from wide open wounds and she decided that she loved him"
  11. "the two of you went up to his room. later on you wouldn't admit you did"