A college in Brunswick, Maine.

From the New York Times:

BRUNSWICK, ME. A tip for rabid Hold Steady fans everywhere: Don't be shy. If you hear the band is coming to your town, go ahead and throw a pre-concert warm-up party. Encourage your friends to write their favorite lyrics all over their bodies. Share an expensive bottle of Scotch with Mr. Finn. Do all that, as some students at Bowdoin College did, and you may win the ultimate prize: a salute in song. A line from the new album originally went, "She drove down from Colgate with a carload of girlfriends." But after the frenzy in Brunswick, Mr. Finn rewrote the line: now it's Bowdoin, not Colgate.


Bowdoin College
Map of Brunswick, ME
A Guide to the Hold Steady States of America - New York Times, October 1, 2006

from Chillout Tent

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