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Barfruit Blues is the third track from Almost Killed Me. It is 3:31.


kids with broken hearts, kids with broken bones. kids with kidney stones giving birth to bloody stereos. systems are all dripping wet with gristle piss and swizzlesticks. mary's got a bloody nose from sniffing margarita mix. she licked her lower lip and then she kissed that halleluiah chick. she came off kind of spicy but she tasted like those pickle chips. we thought she was a dancer but her steps they made the records skip. she came off kind of crunchy but she went down like a chicken strip. dripping wet with the special sauce. she had a confident smile and a nervous cough. we got off.

she said it's good to see you back in a bar band, baby. i said it's great to see you're still in the bars.

went down on the tallboy cans and he woke up in a cargo van. went down with the girls gone wild and he woke up with the middle man. went down with like fourteen bucks and woke up with like sixteen grand. went down with some crust punk junk and woke up with a straight edge band. that's not how he planned it.

holly can't speak. she don't feel all that sweet. about the places that she sometimes has to go to get some sleep. she said i'm sorry people think i'm pretty. these clever kids are killing me. for one they ain't that clever. number two, it really sucks when you get stuck here with these trevors. this was supposed to be a party. half the crowd is calling out for born to run and the other half is calling out for born to lose. baby we were born to choose. we got the last call bar band really big decision blues. we were born to bruise.


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