A reference to a memorable line in John Cassavetes's Opening Night:

"There is nothing humiliating about it. You’re on the stage for crissake. He’s not slapping you for real. Myrtle. Ah, Myrtle. Myrtle. It has nothing to do with being a woman. Now, you’re not a woman, anyway. No, no, you’re a beautiful woman. I was kidding. And you see, you have no sense of humor. I told you that. I don’t want to argue with it, darling. We’ll rehearse it. Well, how... If we don’t rehearse it, we won’t get it. But it’s not humiliating. It’s a tradition. Actresses get slapped. It’s a tradition. You want to be a star. You want to be unsympathetic? It’s mandatory you get hit. That’s it. Now go to sleep."

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